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Website Development

Different Organizations have different needs. The fact however remains that, technology in this era, is at the center of business change - transforming business operating models, and responding quickly to competition threats. As a top-rated Web developing and other technologies Company in Ghana, Conquer IT clearly understand that globalisation and demographics determine the trends for success today. This is why we continuously assist our Clients and Businesses to strongly boost their online presence by providing them highly customised Website and Digital Marketing services designed for success. We are here to help Businesses thrive in this transformative era by refreshing themselves constantly in the process of scaling successes. We design, we build, we develop, we host and we manage. Please, let's know what we can do for you.

We build custom design websites - Responsive and SEO friendly.
We build different kinds of E-Commerce platforms - Professionally.
We build Content Management System for your up-to-date content.
Website Development

Software Solutions

Undoubtedly, transformation is happening all around us. If you will embrace our Software Technology Solutions, you will experience it. To succeed, businesses need to have innovative insights and appropriate business perspectives. Software Technology plays a very critical role in the success of modern-day businesses, helping them to address critical initiatives such as efficiency in operations, regulatory mandates, external threats and growth ambitions. With our software technologies, entities can respond quickly and effectively to challenges faced by modern-day companies and businesses. Your company or business can see the future now, and plan for it. Get the right software to aid your course. Conquer IT will simply deliver to your specifications and requirements.

Get the right Software to transform and evolve your business quickly.
We develop your Software or App to meet your exact requirements.
Your Software or App may be native, online or hybrid. Just contact us.
Software Solutions

Staff Attendance System

Our Staff Attendance Management System (SAMS), is a Software developed with combined programming languages to effectively handle attendance and its related issues in a manner that makes Data collection, Record keeping and Data analysis very simple and efficient. SAMS provides greater flexibility on how you want to install and manage your Attendance System. SAMS can simply be installed on your computer device and used locally without internet connectivity. It can also combine an online version with the local installation, and still function with excellence. Business Owners and System Administrators can thus, access all information wherever they may be, at any given time. Basically SAMS aims to achieve three main goals for Clients;

SAMS collects and stores attendance-related data on User activities.
SAMS records and stores data on all actions taken by System Admins.
SAMS reproduces stored data, upon request by Admins for analysis.
Attendance System

Hosting Made Easy


Offer Starts From $4.95
(Renews may be higher)

$ 4.95 per Month*

Unmetered SSD
Unlimited mailboxes
Technical Support*
Uptime: 99.9%
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Offer Starts From $18.95
(Renews may be higher)

$ 18.95 per Month*

4 CPU cores
6120 GB SSD RAID 10
3000 GB bandwidth
Technical Support*
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Offer Starts From $98.88
(Renews may be higher)

$ 98.88 per Month*

6 cores @ 3.3 GHz
32 GB DDR4
2 x 480 GB SSD
100 TB/mo Bandwidth
Technical Support*
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Lets Work Things Together
We can assist in managing your business with our software technologies for you.