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We Offer Professional Web Design Services Tailored To Get Your Brand Stand Out. We Are Here To Help Your Business Make The Most Powerful Impact. We Also Provide Software Technologies Designed To Take Care Of All Your Attendance Needs.

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We are located in Accra, along the Graphic Road, opposite Toyota Ghana. We are inside the Prospectus Ghana Limited Showroom - Your One-Stop-Shop for all School items. We develop all kinds of websites to meet your requirements - From small custom design websites to the advanced Online / E-Commerce stores. Giving attention to details is what drives our passion. We provide you all the following, including more.

One System That Is Compatible On All Devices

Get a highly responsive, user-friendly and interactive website. Go professional. Even without Native Android and IOS Apps, you're good to go.

Your Online Security Is Assured

Our Websites and Softwares are developed with the latest Web and Software Security Technologies to fight back potential threats and attacks.

Attendance Management Systems

Conquer IT specialises in both Biometric and Password Attendance Systems for all premises, including Schools, Businesses, Hospitals, Churches, Industries, Institutions, etc.


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Web Design And Development

We are one of the top-ranked Web Technology Studios you can find across the country, and beyond. We have a team of competent and professional developers who are ready and happy to develop all kinds of websites to meet your requirements – ranging from small custom design websites to the highly advanced Online stores.

Arrange with us for your professionally designed website that will meet all your business and Client/Customer requirements. Remember up-to about 90% of all your potential Clients/Customers will like to first form their own image about your brand before committing themselves in any way. They will likely do so by checking your website. Your website may have a simple look, but, when it looks good and professional, they know it. Let your website do the PR for you.

Software Technologies And Solutions

Undoubtedly, transformation is happening all around us. If you will embrace our Software Technology Solutions, you will experience it. We are here to help Businesses thrive in this transformative era by refreshing themselves constantly in the process of scaling successes. To succeed, businesses need to have innovative insights and appropriate business perspectives.

Different Organisations have different needs. One surest fact however is that, Technology is at the center of business change, transforming business operating models and responding quickly to competition threats. Software Technology plays a very critical role in the success of modern-day businesses, helping them to address critical initiatives such as efficiency in operations, regulatory mandates, external threats and growth ambitions.

Domain Registration And Web Hosting

We can help in your search for the domain name that reflects your brand. Afterwards, we can register your domain name for you with all necessary requirements.

On web hosting, it should be understood that every website you have visited before, is hosted on a server. The server is that computer intended to connect web users to your website from all over the world. Ordinarily, Web Hosting Service Providers have the servers, connectivity, and other associated services to host websites by offering a variety of hosting plans that cover the spectrum of hosting needs - for small blogs to large organisation websites. In partnership with our reliable Web Hosting service providers, we are here to assist you obtain from the variety of hosting plans, one that is best suited for your site to run efficiently. The amount of server space we can allocate to your website will depend on the type of hosting required, depending on the functionality and size of your website, as well as size of budget available. We offer the following three main types of hosting - Shared, Dedicated and VPS.

Attendance Management Systems

Attendance irregularities are some of the major causes leading to collapse of many Businesses. Proper time keeping regime is a powerful transformative force with powerful impacts on any Business or Organisation.

We encourage you to try our Staff Attendance Management System (SAMS). SAMS is transforming all processes that businesses have known and used for managing attendance challenges from time immemorial. This Attendance Management System does not only provide access control at your work premises, it also provides you a whole package of attendance data necessary for detailed evaluation and decision making. This attendance software will expose staff members who leave the work premises without duly closing from their shift. As System Admin, you also get to know if a staff member left the work premises without seeking permission. SAMS also provides options for assigning specific period of duty to staff depending on what time of day their services are required. Ultimately, SAMS is the best option for Businesses, Companies, Institutions, Industries, Hospitals, Schools, Ministries, Agencies, etc. for managing attendance challenges now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Will It Cost To Develop A Website For Me?

    Actually, there is not one single answer to this question. The cost of developing a website largely depends on the requirements of the project. Every website is unique and requires different components. The good news here however is that, Conquer IT is happy to give you a cost estimate that will be reasonable to the project requirements, and friendly to your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us to verify things for yourself.

  • On average, we prefer to complete a regular project using a period of up to eight (8) weeks. However, the duration for designing and developing a website project depends on the project requirements. The functionality needs of any website project may also play a major role in terms of how long it gets completed – More complex websites will take more time to develop. The narrative is not too different for Software development too.

  • Yes, we provide Web Hosting services. We also offer Webmail services if required. We offer the following three main types of hosting - Shared, Dedicated and VPS.

  • Yes! We will need relevant input and feedback from you through the design and development processes (for both Website and Software). We will need to fully understand the functionality, processes and services of your project so that we can fully deliver your requirements. Clients will usually provide content including photos and information required for the project, unless it is otherwise arranged before the commencement of the project.

  • Absolutely! Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! We work diligently to ensure that your website looks great on a variety of devices. In the event that you require a Mobile App version for your site, we will be happy to assist in every way we can.

  • Yes, we prefer our clients take control of their websites and manage them by themselves. Most of the websites we develop come with a content management system (CMS). This means we provide you an Admin Dashboard through which you can update the website yourself. Indeed, where training is required by clients, Conquer IT is ready to take them through all necessary processes to get them fully equipped for the task.

  • Hosting is very important for every website. In fact, it is as important as developing the website itself. When it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for – Very true. If you decide to host with us, we can advise you on the most suitable hosting plan for your website – considering its size and functionality. In partnership with our reliable Web Hosting service providers, we offer the following three main types of hosting - Shared, Dedicated and VPS.

  • We can! We provide on-going support for many of our clients. However, this offer may have to come under special arrangement with clients.

  • Not necessarilly. We work with clients all over the world. As long as we can establish an efficient means of communication, we are good to go.

  • We offer some flexible payment options for clients, considering possible scenarios available at every given time. Payment plan will be defined clearly, before the commencement of every project. We only need to be convinced about your ability and readiness for the project.

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